Mech-Mind gets US$15m fund injection

Mech-Mind Robotics has secured US$15 million in Series B+ funding from Sequoia Capital China and Source Code Capital to accelerate technology commercialisation and global expansioon.

The Chinese AI industrial robotics startup utilises cutting edge deep learning, 3D vision and motion planning technology to put intelligence into industrial robots.

It aims to solve pain points, such as picking under complex scenarios, in industries with its capabilities.

“Traditionally, complex picking activities such as palletising and depalletising, order picking, parcel loading and machine tending are all pure manual work, which is costly, inefficient and not usually welcomed by workers because of its repetitiveness and tediousness. We are now equipping industrial robots with our AI abilities, which can in turn make what seemed impossible possible and affordable” said Tianlan Shao, CEO and Founder of Mech-Mind.

According to the new World Robotics 2020 Industrial Robots report, less than one percent of the 2.7 million industrial robots operating in factories around the world are equipped with AI abilities.

“Mech-Mind will empower local integrators with full AI abilities. We will provide them with key components of robot intelligence including 3D cameras, software and AI algorithms. With our empowerment, integrators can now deliver solutions that were considered very advanced and complex, such as vision-guided palletising and depalletising, vision-guided machine tending, vision-guided order picking and vision-guided assembly or locating,” said Shao.