Telegram to add ads in 2021

Messaging app Telegram, which has around half a billion active users, will be inserting advertisements in 2021 as part of its monetisation strategy.

More traffic translates to more expenses which can add up to “at least a few hundred million dollars”,

In a tweet, its founder Pavel Durov pointed out that for most of Telegram’s history, he paid for the expenses of the company from his personal savings.

“However, with its current growth, Telegram is on track to reach billions of users and to require appropriate funding. When a tech project reaches this scale, typically there are two options – start earning money to cover the costs, or sell the company,” he said.

Telegram’s monetisation strategy involves introducing paid-for premium features for business and power users, and ads in public channels such as massive open group chats administered by an individual or group.

All existing features will remain free for individuals and private groups.

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