Baidu rolls out MaaS platform in Guangzhou

Baidu has partnered with the Guangzhou Huangpu District government to roll out a multi-modal autonomous driving mobility as a service (MaaS) platform in Guangzhou, China.

Utilising a fleet of more than 40 Apollo Robotaxis and Robobuses and three other types of autonomous vehicles, this initiative will transform the city’s transportation services.

Guangzhou’s 15 million population to book smart transport services on the Baidu Maps and Apollo Go mobile applications, starting from the busy Chinese New Year holiday period.

Commuters can hop on to the Robotaxi from one of these Apollo Go pickup stations in Guangzhou

Baidu Apollo has established more than 50 Robotaxi pickup stations in the district, providing users with easy access to Chinese New Year festival sites using autonomous vehicles. A fleet of New Species Vehicles will cruise around the city to handle unmanned tasks, including cleaning and disinfection.

Apolong minibuses will shuttle sightseers to view flower blossoms around scenic parks and lakes. Apollocop will patrol the main roads near key areas and the Baidu Robobus will ferry passengers along fixed routes to festive destinations.

The MaaS platform for multi-modal autonomous driving vehicles and ACE Transportation Engine has accelerated the dawn of the intelligent era of smart transportation.

In the days ahead, Baidu will continue conducting regular trial operations by deploying more than 100 Robotaxis and establishing almost 1,000 pickup stations in Guangzhou Huangpu District. This will allow locals to continue experiencing autonomous driving services in their daily lives.