Baidu and China Huaneng Group ink MoU on intelligent energy

Baidu and China Huaneng Group have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to drive the intelligent transformation of the energy industry.

Under the MoU, the partners will collaborate on information technology, digital technology and other related areas to develop a new generation automated and intelligent financial shared services platform, as well as cooperate to apply AI and big data technologies to the energy and power field.

They will strive to provide society with energy-related data services that are more digitised, intelligent and connected to the Internet to drive the intelligent upgrading of China’s energy industry.

“China’s economy is turning to the direction of high-quality development, and AI is a new kinetic energy and new engine that will drive this high-quality development,” said Haifeng Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Baidu.

Since the energy industry is such an important part of China’s economy, the degree of its intelligent construction is directly related to the state of the economy and the level of intelligent transformation of society.

“It is hoped that Huaneng will give fully play to its leading position in the energy industry and its advantages in a wide range of industry scenarios, and Baidu will make full use of its technological advantages in AI, big data, and cloud computing to strengthen all-round cooperation and support the digital and intelligent upgrading of the energy industry,” said Wang.

Photo: Edward Lim

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