RoboSense, Banma and AutoX team up on autonomous driving platform

RoboSense, Banma Network Technology and AutoX have teamed up to build a high-level autonomous driving platform for intelligent vehicles.

They will combine their expertise in 3D LiDAR sensor, AI algorithm and intelligent automobile operating system to create an advanced smart cockpit based on human-machine co-driving.

RoboSense will provide its robust LiDAR sensor solution. Banma will contribute its advanced intelligent cockpit systems. And AutoX its autonomous driving system.

“With three parties’ efforts on the integration of intelligent cockpit system, perception system, and AI autonomous driving solution, we are able to provide a new generation of intelligent vehicle solutions with more potential values to OEMs and other customers,” said Mark Qiu, Executive President and Co-Founder of RoboSense.

“Intelligent interaction, intelligent service and intelligent driving are the three basic aspects of smart driving cars. In terms of hardware, we provide RoboSense with system-level support to ensure its perception power is fully utilised. As for the algorithm, we provide AutoX with a rich toolchain, cloud and end service system to create a sustainable and efficient ecological collaboration system,” said Qiang Xu, CIO of Banma.

“With the fully driverless RoboTaxi is becoming a reality in China, passengers will have more free time in the car. More intelligent services and interactions with the car are needed for a smart and enjoyable travel experience. A complete product ecosystem formed by three parties will create a safe and enjoyable autonomous driving solution,” said Jianxiong Xiao, Founder and CEO of AutoX.