NVIDIA CEO: AI is powerful force as computer industry reshapes

What is Computex without NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang? When the NVIDIA keynote was helmed by two NVIDIA executives — Jeff Fisher, GeForce Senior Vice President
Manuvir Das, Head of Enterprise Computing — it seems like the NVIDIA Chief was giving this year’s event a miss. But, true to form, Huang did not disappoint. After a quick burrito dinner (evening US time), he hosted a global media gathering this morning and provided nuggets of insight on the computer industry. Here are five of his thoughts:

1. AI driving computer industry

“The computer industry is in the process of being completely reshaped. Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful forces the computer industry have ever known. Imagine a computer that can write software by itself. Accelerated computing is really the path that people have recognised is a wonderful path forward as Moore’s law or CPUs by itself has come to an end.”

2. Data centre scale computing is here

“In the future, computers are going to be, of course, continue to be small, and PCs are going to be great, and phones will continue to be better. However, one of the most important areas of computing is going to be data centres. And not only is it big, the way you program a data centre has fundamentally changed. Can you imagine that one engineer could write a piece of software that runs across the entire data centre, and every computer is busy supporting and serving millions and millions of people at the same time? Data centre scale computing has arrived, and it is now the unit of computer, not just the PC, but the entire data centre.”

3. On the cusp of the metaverse

“You have been talking about the metaverse for some time. You have had interest in this area for a long time, and I believe we are right on the cusp of it. Let me make a couple of predictions. I believe that there will be a larger market, a larger industry, more designers and creators designing digital things in virtual reality and metaverses than there will be designing things in the physical world. All of those things will be many, many times larger, maybe a hundred times larger in metaverse than our universe.
Number two. I believe the economy, the economy in metaverse, the economy of Omniverse, will be larger than the economy in physical…, and digital currency will be used in the world of metaverses.”

4. Confluence makes putting computers everywhere possible

“I believe that the confluence, the conversions of cloud native computing, artificial intelligence, accelerated computing, and now finally, the last piece of the puzzle, private 5G or industrial 5G, is going to make it possible for us to put computers everywhere. They will be in far-flung places. Broom closets and attics of retail stores. And they will be everywhere, and will be managed by one pane of glass. And that one pane of glass will orchestrate all of these computers while they process data and do artificial intelligence applications, and make the right decisions on the spot.”

5. Arm deal to take 18 months

“Well, we are going through the regulatory approval and it takes about 18 months. The process typically goes to the US…then the ECC…then China last. That’s the typical journey. Mellanox took about 18 months to close. I expect this one to take about 18 months. That makes it later this year, early next year. I am confident about the transaction the regulators are looking for.”