Day of downers

June 8, 2021 (yesterday) was a day of discconectivity for some in Singapore. Singtel fibre broadband was down during the day and several global sites were down later in the day.

Singtel’s fibre broadband outage was reportedly caused by overnigth maintenance.

While the telco said that three percent of its fibre broadband customers were affected, the buzz on social media seems to indicate more with people affected commenting from Tampines to Telok Blangah.

In a Facebook post, Singtel noted that of 6.14pm, “All affected Singtel fibre broadband services have been fully restored”. Apparently this was not the case for all because some were still unable to connect several hours later.

The consolation, if any, is that this happened during the school holidays. Otherwise, students on home-based learning will be greatly affected.

Singtel will compensate affected customers with a 10 per cent discount on their monthly broadband subscription. Plus, those with a Singtel mobile subscription plan and received an SMS from Singtel will have their local mobile data charges waived for the day.

Round 2

Just when some got their Internet connections up and running, all in Singapore and around the world encountered an outage on the international front. Amazon, CNN and Reddit were among many sites hit by a fault at cloud computing services provider Fastly.

Turned out that this was a software glitch that a Fastly spokesperson said was “a technical issue triggered by a service configuration, and is not related to a cyber attack.”

Thankfully, the affected sites were restored in a few hours.

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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