Choco Up pumps US$8m into Janio to fuel expansion

Fintech firm Choco Up has invested USD$8 million in Janio, a cross-border platform that provides integrated, end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions in Southeast Asia.

Singapore-based Janio aims to simplify deliveries across borders and integrate the logistics chain by creating strategic partnerships with a wide network of quality service providers, connecting clients with logistics partners through their proprietary data-driven platform.

Its solution gives clients across Asia – including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand – greater control over the supply chain and helps streamline logistic-related paperwork.

Choco-Up’s investment will allow Janio to boost its growth to meet rising e-commerce demands. Janio was also use the cash injection to fuel its expansion plans and take on new emerging markets and clients.

“E-commerce is at an all-time high and it’s a very good time for Janio to carry out expansion plans to secure their presence in the region as the leading provider of logistic infrastructure that helps businesses scale their operations quickly and reliably,” said Percy Hung, Co-founder and CEO of Choco Up.

“Choco Up’s backing and their fast-track funding system will provide us the quick capital necessary to carry out expansion plans with a peace of mind at this pivotal time for the industry,” said Junkai Ng, CEO and Co-founder of Janio.

Photo: Chanaka from Pexels

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