Uzabase introduces Speeda Edge research platform

Tokyo-based Uzabase has announced its Speeda Edge research platform for professionals in venture capital, corporate strategy and innovation, mergers and acquisitions, and at funded startups.

The emerging industry intelligence platform contains custom profiles and proprietary analysis of more than 2,500 leading companies operating across more than 40 rapidly-growing industries in six verticals — sustainability, commerce and hospitality, work, healthcare and wellness, fintech and insurance, and education and media. Up to 75 industries will be covered by the end of 2021.

“Speeda Edge is the first platform of its kind to deliver curated market maps, competitive analysis across dozens of proprietary data points, custom market sizing, and daily updates about the industries changing the way the world works. We’re delivering the type and depth of analysis that’s usually done about public companies, but doing so for privately-held companies and emerging industries,” said Ian Myers, Head of the Speeda Edge team.