Raise a pet in metaverse

Remember the wildly popular Tamagotchi pet game that got the world hooked on caring for and feeding a digital pet? Korean pet curation platform Mongplus is revisiting the virtual pet raising concept by working with website builder Unionz to develop a game that incorparates metaverse technology.

Tentatively called “Metaverse Pet Promotion Game”, the game is targeted for release in Q4.

The partners will implement AR functions by applying metaverse technology to game development.

“The pet raising game, which will be implemented as AR by applying metaverse technology, not only allows users to enjoy games lively through AR, but also provides information and expertise suitable for the pet growth according to their level. By raising pets in advance by reflecting reality in virtual spaces, we will help them acquire relevant knowledge before raising pets and suppress the animal abandonment phenomenon caused by lack of prior knowledge,” said Mongplus .

By providing secondary life to raise pets in a virtual space, the game is expected to provide responsibility and expertise to users who want to raise pets, and provide new interest and pet culture to families who nurtures pets.