AEye opens in Japan

LiDAR solution provider AEye has opened an office in Tokyo to better support and grow its automotive, mobility and industrial partners suppliers, customers, and system integrators.

AEye’s intelligent LiDAR (iDAR) leverages deterministic AI to focus on what matters most in a vehicle’s surroundings, resulting in greater reliability, safety, and performance at longer range and lower cost. Its partners include Continental AG, GM Ventures, Subaru-SBI, Hella Ventures, LG Electronics, Pegasus Ventures (Aisin), and Airbus Ventures.

The adaptive, low cost, high performance LiDAR can be configured by software to meet the specific needs of each market.

AEye Japan will provide products and support services to Japanese customers, who are world leaders in the automotive, commercial and industrial markets.

“As we build a global technology business, it’s essential that we are tightly integrated with our partners and customers, in Japan and elsewhere. We look forward to very close collaboration with our Japanese partners, as we scale our business to meet the growing demand for our adaptive LiDAR,” said Jordan Greene, Co-founder and GM of ADAS and VP of Corporate Development at AEye.

Photo: BERK OZDEMIR from Pexels

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