NVIDIA announces compact RTX A2000 GPU

By KL Lim

NVIDIA has expanded its professional GPUs range with the compact NVIDIA RTX A2000, which is deigned to fit even small form factor workstations.

Based on the Ampere architecture, RTX A2000 will empower professionals to create photorealistic renderings, build physically accurate simulations and use AI-accelerated tools.

As working from home is still in place in many parts of the world, the card can help faciliate teamwork on projects using NVIDIA’s Omniverse collaboration and simulation platform. Teams of designers can work together on a single 3D design in real time while working across different software applications.

It is packed with 6GB of memory with error correction code to maintain data integrity for uncompromised computing accuracy and reliability, which especially benefits the healthcare and financial services fields.

The NVIDIA RTX A2000 desktop GPU will be available in workstations from manufacturers including ASUS, BOXX Technologies, Dell Technologies, HP, and Lenovo as well as NVIDIA’s global distribution partners from October.

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