Norton adds Game Optimizer to maximise PC performance for gamers

NortonLifeLock has released the Game Optimizer feature that frees PCs from power-hungry programs running in the background to maximise gaming performance.

By freeing power-hungry programs to a single CPU core, Game Optimizer reduces performance interruptions without compromising security, resulting in a smoother gaming experience. Norton 360 for Gamers also offers optimised notifications, permanently silencing non-essential messages.

In the coming weeks, customers will have access to Norton Crypto, which lets them more safely and easily mine cryptocurrency while their devices are idle through its trusted Norton 360 platform.

“As gaming and cryptomining begin to take a larger role in people’s digital lives, it’s important we continue to quickly innovate and develop the tools that empower consumers to keep their information, devices and identity safer without interference,” said Gagan Singh, Chief Product Officer of NortonLifeLock.

“We want gamers to use Game Optimizer so they can stay focused on the challenges of their game, not the distraction and risk of cyber threats. We also want to help people put their PC’s idle time to good use with Norton Crypto providing an easier and safer way to mine cryptocurrencies,” he added.

According to Mark Gorrie, Senior Director of NortonLifeLock, gamers everywhere are notoriously apprehensive about security software as they do not want to compromise the performance of gaming.

“In Singapore, online and gaming activity have seen a massive increase since the pandemic, which means more Singaporeans could be leaving themselves exposed to cybercrime. Game Optimizer is an exciting new technology that not only protects gamers from cyber threats but optimises gameplay performance to ensure an immersive gaming experience,” he said.

Photo: RODNAE Productions from Pexels