Cloudflare expands firewall capabilities, introduces migration programme

Cloudflare is expanding its Zero Trust firewall capabilities to help companies secure their entire corporate network.

With the new cloud firewall functionality, CIOs can better secure their entire corporate network, apply Zero Trust policies to all traffic, and gain deeper network visibility — all without needing to rely on centralising traffic on one box in one location, physical or virtual.

The company has also announced the new Oahu programme that helps customers move from legacy hardware to the Cloudflare One suite of Zero Trust solutions, without the pains of a costly or complex migration.

Under the programme, organisations can leverage new capabilities and resources to simply and easily import policies from legacy hardware firewall boxes to Cloudflare’s cloud-native service. Eligible organisations can qualify for discounts on Cloudflare’s Zero Trust firewall solution to mitigate the cost of switching.

“With our Oahu programme, we are making it easy for companies to leave legacy tech behind in favour of an everywhere firewall delivered from the cloud,” said Matthew Prince, Co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

Photo: Dan Cristian Pădureț from Pexels