UNM boosts research with NVIDIA DGX A100

University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) will be deploying the NVIDIA DGX A100 system for artificial intelligence (AI) research, teaching and learning.

Expected to be operational at end February, the new system will provide much needed high performance computing (HPC) performance, delivering higher throughput and increased efficiency to boost research efforts.

The university’s research projects rely on modern AI techniques, particularly deep learning, and adopt simulation-based approaches in a large variety of application areas.

With NVIDIA DGX A100, UNM will be able to flexibly allocate computing capabilities across every AI workload to support individual researchers to large teams.

“The NVIDIA DGX A100 is particularly attractive because it combines a large number of powerful GPUs that can be reconfigured and combined in multiple ways depending on user requirements. It offers unique levels of flexibility that can cater to our wide spectrum of use cases, from researchers with heavy individual workloads, to large classes of undergraduate students, each with smaller workloads,” said Tomas Maul (top), Associate Professor at UNM’s Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The system will also be used to help further the AI capabilities of the university’s research community through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which provides hands-on self-learning tools to advance knowledge in areas such as AI, accelerated computing, accelerated data science, graphics and simulation.

“UNM provides a very conducive environment for our research, which spans areas such as scientific computation, fluid mechanics, AI and data analytics and which can inform new ideas in urban planning, the environment and remote sensing. We have had a lot of IT support, too, which is crucial given all the high-performance computers used to conduct our research. This provides a productive environment for us to work in,” said Professor Andy Chan, Vice Provost of Research and Knowledge Exchange at UNM.

“AI is now a very fast-growing part of the workflow of traditional HPC research. With NVIDIA DGX A100, UNM’s research community will have the HPC power to drive their projects more efficiently for faster outcomes that make the world a better place,” said Dennis Ang, Senior Director of Enterprise Business for SEA and ANZ at NVIDIA.