Siemens to deploy VersiCharge EV charger in Singapore

Singapore electric vehicle (EV) owners, take note. Siemens has received the green light to deploy the VersiCharge EV charger in the country.

The sleek and compact electric vehicle alternating current smart charger can be installed in any parking lot, including landed properties, for quick and convenient juicing. It is capable of delivering up to 22kW of power through a Type 2 plug or socket.

“Singapore is a key market in our eMobility strategy. With the government’s Singapore Green Plan 2030, the EV market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Siemens is poised to partner with Singapore in its plan to deploy 60,000 EV charging points across the island by 2030, by providing quality charging infrastructure, solutions and technology,” said Arjun Raju, Head of eMobility for Asia Pacific at Siemens.

Equipped with GSM/4G/LTE, Wifi, Ethernet, and Modbus, the charger is compatible with OCPP 1.6 backend protocol. Operation is simple with touch buttons and LED indicators for key functions.

The Siemens VersiCharge Mobile App increases the usability and configurability of the charger when connected. Through the app, users can schedule charging time, view energy consumption, and check charge status.

The ability to pre-set the start time of charging process, in two-hour intervals, between two and eight hours, enables users to take advantage of economical electricity rates outside of peak periods and lower electricity costs.

The VersiCharge is available in both single-phase (7.4kW) and three-phase (22kW) versions for rated current up to 32 amps.