TCImage designs using XR

Most people would have heard of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). However, some may not be aware of extended reality (XR), a hybrid of VR, AR and mixed reality.

Taipei-based TCImage renovation studio is leveraging XR to create realistic 3D graphics that showcases landscape and architecture designs. The visualisations give clients a better understanding of the proposed designs, letting them review and engage with the model in full scale.

Driving the innovative design and visualisation experience are NVIDIA RTX technology, CloudXR, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), and NVIDIA Omniverse.

With an enterprise-grade PC powered by an NVIDIA RTX 6000 graphics card, CEO Leo Chou and his team can render 4K frames within 30 minutes, a fraction of the three hours it took previously for just a single frame.

“I was thrilled by the performance of RTX technology — it’s more powerful, allowing me to establish a competitive edge in the industry by making real-time ray tracing come true,” said Chou.

Built on RTX technology, CloudXR enables TCImage to stream high-resolution, real-time graphics and provide a more interactive experience for clients. NVIDIA DLSS improves the XR experience by rendering more frames per second, which is especially helpful during the design review process.

With NVIDIA DLSS, TCImage can tap into the power of AI to boost frame rates and create sharp images for the XR environment. This helps designers and clients see a preview of the 3D model with minimal latency as the user moves and rotates inside the environment.

“By using NVIDIA CloudXR, I can freely and easily present my projects, artwork and portfolio to customers anytime, anywhere while maintaining the best quality of content. I can even edit the content in real time, based on the customers’ requirements” said Chou.

TCImage has started to explore design workflows in the virtual world with NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for 3D simulation and design collaboration.

“Omniverse is flexible enough to integrate with major graphics software, as well as allow instantaneous content updates and changes without any extra effort by our team,” said Chou.

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