VIS Global and Uniphore partner on AI for CX

VIS Global and Uniphore have formed a multi-country strategic partnership to provide a comprehensive communication and customer experience (CX) management portfolio with conversations automation offerings in Asia Pacific.

This partnership will deliver to enterprises benefits such as using AI to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, automating activities for customers and after-call work for agents, and integrating low-code/no-code technology for faster response times to situational demands.

“The partnership with Uniphore would help us leverage the market leading conversational AI platform and open up exciting possibilities to deliver business outcomes for our clients,” said Arijit Sen, Director of VIS Global.

“The world of CX is rapidly evolving and the demand for AI, automation and other emerging technologies is growing exponentially. Technology that can introduce improved efficiencies to a US$500 billion customer service market will find huge adoption as seen since the onset of COVID-19,” said Gokul Gopalakrishnan, Business Head of Asia at Uniphore.

The partnership covers seven countries — Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.

Photo: Yan Krukov from Pexels

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