Aventis teams up with IBM on training management system automation

Aventis Learning Group is working with IBM to enhance its Training Management System (TMS) with IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding hosted on IBM Cloud.

This new capability helps Aventis to offer better personalised learning courses for both corporate and individual learners, improve their scalability by reducing its dependence on humans and increase the speed of service.

Previously, courses were managed manually, which was time-consuming. With the intent of helping employees focus their time on more significant tasks, Aventis wanted to simplify and accelerate highly repetitive, routine tasks. These tasks include back-office administrative work and booking processes such as scheduling coordination with training providers via email, and phone calls, and excel spreadsheets.

Aventis worked with IBM to identify the personalised enrolment experience that can empower its customers to take the lead on their own academic journey while alleviating administrative challenges.

The team utilised the IBM Garage Methodology collaborative approach to better understand Aventis’ needs, ascertain their readiness and explore potential solutions.

Aventis wanted to explore an AI-infused TMS that aims to understand the training needs of each customer and recommend the most suitable course. IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding is used to help analyse the course content and training needs, and identify actionable recommendations for the courses.

Following its implementation, 75 percent of Aventis customers find the system effective and provide them with the right course recommendation. Course finding and booking process are faster. Staff workload is reduced and day-to-day work schedule is streamlined. Staff can now keep track of the customer’s learning status and build on skill competency levels.

“With the advanced capabilities of IBM Watson technology, our course recommendation solution can now offer personalised training and skills recommendations to individual learners to optimise their learning curve and skills capability. It helps to optimise and continuously improve the learning model for our TMS,,” said Samuel Teo, General Manager of Aventis.

“IBM is happy to collaborate with training providers like Aventis [that is] taking the first step to embrace the growing trend of AI and cloud to gain a greater advantage in the market,” said Colin Tan, General Manager and Technology Leader of IBM Singapore.

Photo: Campaign Creators on Unsplash