Oppo launches Innovation Accelerator initiative

Oppo Research Institute has launched the Innovation Accelerator initiative to empower technology professionals and entrepreneurs to bring innovative solutions to life and help create a better future together.

Run in partnership with Microsoft for Startups, the initiative aims to encourage innovators to solve today’s most pressing issues facing humanity.

“With the severity of global issues like aging populations, poor public health, and digital divide increasing day by day, it is not enough to rely on our own efforts to provide solutions. Therefore, we have initiated the Innovation Accelerator to empower like-minded innovators to solve these big issues with us using the power of technology,” said Levin Liu, Vice President and Head of OPPO Research Institute.

Centred on the theme of Virtuous Innovation, Oppo is calling for proposals in two categories — accessible technology and digital health. Up to 10 proposals will be granted US$46,000 each, with further opportunities for investment funding, technical support, research and commercial partnerships, and promotion at global events.

Online application is open until June 30, 2022. Winners will be announced after three months of preliminary evaluations and Demo Day roadshows.

Proposals will be evaluated on four key criteria — feasibility, innovation and originality, social value, and long-term potential.

Oppo is inviting a judging committee of experts, academics, and senior professionals in the field of technology and innovation to help identify and accelerate the development of high-potential proposals.

“Startups are home to a whole trove of innovative technologies that can provide innovative digital solutions to various industries,” said James Chou, CEO and Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups, Greater China Region, Japan, and Korea.

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