Asus goes omnichannel in Singapore

Asus Singapore has introduced an omnichannel business model where consumers can purchase products from its online store and collect them at their favourite retailers on the same day.

Geared towards a new way of shopping, this model aims to deliver a flexible and convenient shopping experience for consumers.

Asus has chosen this route because it wants to allow for “a synergy across its business units with minimal channel conflicts”. This approach will enable Asus authorised resellers to grow their businesses further in this omnichannel shopping era.

“At Asus, we value our strong relationship with our retail partners and their support to us, and we always believe in proving more value to our partners. That led us to rethink our approach with our digital business and have it to complement and drive incremental on our partners businesses.” said Megan Wang, Business Development Manager of Asus Singapore.

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