i-Care to improve patient experience and quality of life

Tencent Cloud and Millennium Technology Services (MTS)’s subsidiary Invincible Technology have collaborated on the i-Care digital solution that aims to improve patients’ experience and quality of life.

Based on Tencent Cloud’s intelligent cloud service, the solution also hopes to draw patients, families and caregivers closer together.

i-Care facilitates remote consultation and features integrated functions such as real-time communication and instant messaging, automatic speech recognition and machine translation, text to speech, cloud identity and access management, and Tencent Elasticsearch stack for predictive analysis of patients’ health risks to provide insightful data that help improve healthcare outcomes.

Tencent Cloud is enabling i-Care to perform testing on medical monitoring using machine learning and computer vision to capture vital signs reading as opposed to traditional integration with vital sign data sources.

“As one of the world’s leading cloud providers, the launch of i-Care and our collaboration with Millennium Technology Services not only help in our contribution towards a digital world, but also allow us to assist in the further development of cloud in improving more people’s lives,” said Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International.

“The launch of i-Care, powered by Tencent Cloud’s suite of solutions, is a significant addition to the company’s portfolio of collaborations and partnerships in various fields. We look forward to working with more healthcare and medical companies and organizations like Millennium Technology Services to look for more ways to adapt to ever-evolving trends in digitalization and cloud technologies,” said Kenneth Siow, General Manager, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Regional Director for Southeast Asia at Tencent Cloud International.

“We are pleased to leverage Tencent Cloud’s high-performance and highly reliable technologies, which help us achieve our goals of addressing the needs and concerns of patients, families and caregivers more efficiently and effectively,” Rick Yiu, CEO of Invincible Technology.