Global PC market to dip 9.5% in 2022

Inflation. War. Supply chain challenges. All these will contribute to a projected decline of the global PC market by 9.5 percent in 2022.

The current global climate is significantly impacting consumer demand the region, according to Gartner. The greatest hit is on the EMEA PC market, with an expected 14 percent drop in 2022 due to the lack of consumer PC demand.

“A perfect storm of geopolitics upheaval, high inflation, currency fluctuations and supply chain disruptions have lowered business and consumer demand for devices across the world and is set to impact the PC market the hardest in 2022. Consumer PC demand is on pace to decline 13.1 percent in 2022 and will plummet much faster than business PC demand, which is expected to decline 7.2 percent year over year,” said Ranjit Atwal, Senior Director Analyst of Gartner.

Overall, global shipments of total devices (PCs, tablets and mobile phones) are on pace to decline 7.6 percent in 2022, with Greater China and Eastern Europe including Eurasia recording double-digit declines.

Photo: Mathias Reding

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