Scard DIGITAL CARD redefines business networking

Exchanging a paper business or name card is common practice when introduced to new business contacts. That is until the pandemic struck and people became more conscious of hygiene.

The Scard digital business card aims to change how people network. Instead of exchanging paper cards, contact details can be shared virtually via smartphones.

Founded by a team of branding and printing card designers in March 2022, the software-as-a-service platform lets users store their data and information digitally and control who can have access to it. Businesses and individuals can get started for free. They can build their interactive business card that links to their social media profile in minutes.

The digital business card is a smartphone-enabled and can be digitally printed or produced through physical contacts, such as an NFC-enabled card or stickers. User can exchange information by simply tapping their phone or scanning a QR code.

Scard has a rewards system to encourage adoption. The top three ranked users each month will a get S$100 Amazon or Apple gift voucher.

Photo caption: Scard’s free (left) and pro versions.

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