Tablet and Chromebook shipment continue to slide in Q2

Not all markets are benefitting from the reopening of businesses and schools post-pandemic. Tablet and Chromebook shipment declined for the fourth consecutive quarter in Q2, according to Canalys.

The tablet market was down 11 percent compared to the same quarter last year while Chromebooks performed even more dramatically with shipment falling by 57 percent as demand from the education sector continued to wane.

In the tablet segment, Amazon is the only one among the top five vendors to experience growth — up six percent to 3.3 million units. Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and Huawei all dropped between 13 and 26 percent.

“The rapid fall in consumer and education demand has accelerated the decline in tablet shipments as we move further from the peak of the pandemic. Unlike notebooks, tablets are not vital for business productivity, so commercial demand has not helped to offset the drop in consumer purchases,” said Himani Mukka, Analyst of Canalys.

Demand for Chromebooks continues to slide after the surge in education sector during the pandemic. While all top five vendors had lower shipment in Q2, Acer jumped to the top on the basis on a lower drop of 28 percent compared to the rest. as the leading Chromebook vendor in Q2 2022, securing over a quarter of the market as its shipments fell 28%, a relatively small decline against those of its main competitors. Dell had a lower drop of 23 percent but came in fourth. Lenovo, HP and Asus slid between 56 and 79 percent.

“Chromebooks have now been hit by year-on-year shipment declines every quarter since Q3 2021. This period of negative growth has been an expected transition following the saturation of the category’s two largest education markets, the US and Japan,” said Brian Lynch, Research Analyst of Canalys.

He expects the global Chromebook market to be set for a period of more consistent performance, with lower shipment numbers and more traditional seasonality than was seen during the pandemic.

Photo: Marek Levák on Unsplash