NVIDIA and Booz Allen Hamilton collaborate on AI-enabled cybersecurity

NVIDIA and Booz Allen Hamilton are collaborating to bring an AI-enabled, GPU-accelerated cybersecurity platform to the public and private sectors.

Powered by NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA Morpheus, the platform enables next-generation incident response systems that help customers identify cybersecurity threats.

Cyber Precog is a GPU-accelerated software platform that helps customers respond to threats rapidly. It provides operationally honed, mission-relevant AI models and modular pipelines for rapid deployment at the edge.

The platform comes with the software paradigm necessary to power the Cyber Precog Flyaway Kit, a GPU-powered edge server custom designed to support cyber operations in degraded and disconnected environments.

Cyber Precog enables NVIDIA GPU acceleration of the kit’s data ingestion at 300x the rate of CPUs, while boosting AI training by 32x and AI inference by 24x. This lets Booz Allen customers achieve performance from a single NVIDIA GPU node that is equivalent to 135 CPU-only server nodes.

Booz Allen and NVIDIA are also working on next-generation solutions powered by the cybersecurity platform.

“Traffic moving through the modern data centre continues to expand, propelled by innovations such as AI and connected devices, and it’s increasingly susceptible to potential breaches and attacks. NVIDIA Morpheus enables innovators to create zero-trust technologies that detect and eliminate threats as they arise,” said Justin Boitano, Vice President of Enterprise Platforms at NVIDIA.

Morpheus is a GPU-accelerated software framework offering cybersecurity developers the ability to inspect all network traffic in real time, flag anomalies and provide insights to help address threats quickly.

The latest release of Morpheus includes updates to pre-built workflows, including new visualisation capabilities for digital fingerprinting and sensitive information detection. New visualisations enable faster threat identification and remediation by security analysts.

“Our customers operate in many resource-constrained environments. NVIDIA GPUs, along with NVIDIA’s Morpheus framework, allow us to bring enterprise capability to the edge, so that the best analytic, data processing and AI capability can be delivered to the mission,” said Matt Tarascio, Senior Vice President of Booz Allen.