Equinix sets aside US$50m to advance digital inclusion

Equinix has launched a global foundation to advance digital inclusion — from access to technology and connectivity to the skills needed to thrive in today’s digitally driven world.

The Equinix Foundation is armed with US$50 million to provide funding to organisations working to ensure equitable and inclusive access to technology, connectivity and education. It will also assess opportunities in environmental sustainability, an area of strategic importance to the company.

The company is currently partnering with dozens of non-profit organisations, including CLAP-TECH, a group that collaborates across education and industry partners in Hong Kong to prepare high school students for the future.

“We rely on partners like Equinix to offer meaningful workplace learning opportunities, support development of industry-recognised qualifications, and advise on skills mapping, enabling educators to embed industry-recognised skills into students’ learning journey,” said Andrew Ho, Director of The CLAP-TECH Pathway.

The Equinix Foundation will rely on its employees and network of partners to help identify the organisations that it may want to support.

“We are excited that through the Foundation, we’ll also advance our future-first commitment to build a better, more inclusive, more sustainable world, while harnessing and amplifying the passion of our people to help close the digital divide in our communities and beyond,” said Charles Meyers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Equinix.

Photo: Kobe

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