NVIDIA adds AMR fleet management tools to ROS

NVIDIA has released the developer preview 2 (DP 2) version of its Isaac ROS software that features new cloud– and edge-to-robot task management and monitoring software for autonomous mobile robot (AMR) fleets.

The latest robot operating system (ROS) consists of individual packages (GEMs) and complete pipelines (NITROS) for hardware-accelerated performance. Besides improved performance, it also packs in new capabilities such as the Mission Dispatch and Client open-source CPU packages that assign and monitor tasks from a fleet management system to the robot.

Mission Dispatch and Client communicate using the VDA5050 open standard for communications designed specifically for robot fleets. Messages are transmitted wirelessly over the MQTT lightweight messaging protocol for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Another addition is the FreeSpace Segmentation hardware-accelerated package for producing a vision AI–based occupancy grid in the proximity of the robot to be used as an input to the navigation stack.

Video data collection is an important part of training AI perception models. The new H.264 video encode and decode hardware-accelerated packages for compressed video data recording and playback reduce data footprint by about 10 times.