KoomiMarket connects F&B suppliers and outlets

The KoomiMarket one-stop platform is a new digital marketplace that connects food suppliers and food and beverage (F&B) businesses.

While digital transformation is taking place in many industries, the food service sector is still very traditional in nature. Many suppliers still use pen and paper, and rely on phone orders.

Created by food and aritech firm Glife Technologies and omni-channel F&B food services technology platform Novitee, KoomiMarket brings together the food ecosystem by making it more efficient for food businesses to commercially connect and procure supplies.

The platform lets them easily connect to ensure quality food suppliers and buyers are matched consistently.

When onboarded onto the platform, food suppliers can be discovered by and directly linked to quality food merchants. Suppliers will also be able to personalise their preferred supplier configuration, such as delivery schedules and required minimum order quantity (MOQ) to increase operational efficiency.

F&B restaurants can connect to reliable sellers in the one-stop multi-vendor marketplace to procure ingredients and produce.

Each order can be easily tracked and traced on the KoomiMarket dashboard, providing merchants with end-to-end visibility on the origins of purchased ingredients.

“We marry our in-depth knowledge of F&B merchants with genuine feedback from our initial batch of suppliers to create a platform that addresses the unique needs of the food ecosystem. We believe that the marketplace will be of tremendous value to the stakeholders and pave the way for greater digitalisation of the industry within the region,” said Benjamin Yang, CEO of Novitee.

“The food industry has seen a massive shift in the way consumers are purchasing and business need to pivot towards digital services. We recognise the potential of this industry and Glife hopes to provide solutions that enable a resilient and agile food value chain,” said Caleb Wu, Co-Founder and Deputy CEO of Glife Technologies.

Following its soft launch in October, KoomiMarket is now serving 70 food suppliers and 1,500 F&B establishments.

Photo: Edward Lim