FPH leverages Kissflow work platform to digitise ops

First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH) is tapping on the Kissflow work platform to further digitise the group’s operations and accelerate its decarbonisation mission.

With the work platform, FPH can further reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating and digitising more office tasks.

“We seek to go beyond incremental efforts not only in sustainability but also in everything we do. With Kissflow, FPH and its subsidiaries are able to digitise dramatically major operations, especially in their finance and accounts operations,” said Joseph Chavez of FPH Accounting.

More than 100 office processes have been digitised, allowing the holding company to complete over 1,000 paperless approvals a month. FPH plans to transform and integrate more processes of other departments and subsidiaries.

“Our partnership with Kissflow helps improve operational and process efficiency that in turn enhances the way we serve our customers and vendors. At the same time, the partnership reaffirms the relevance of the FPH Group’s new mission of ‘forging collaborative pathways for a decarbonised and regenerative future,’” said Chavez.

Driven by its updated sustainability mission, its subsidiary First Gen Corporation prioritises the use of clean and renewable energy sources as fuel to run its power plants. This has turned First Gen into the country’s clean energy leader with power plants running on geothermal, hydro, wind, and solar, which are renewable energy sources, as well as natural gas, the cleanest form of fossil fuel.

To further reduce its carbon footprint, FPH has been ramping up its digital transformation initiatives across multiple subsidiaries not only in the energy business but also in real estate, manufacturing, construction, and other service sectors. As one of the key initiatives, FPH has rolled out Kissflow in its subsidiaries to automate all paper-based tasks.

Photo: FPH

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