Tencent Cloud adds interactive feature to Japan’s Smash

Tencent Cloud is supporting Japanese livestreaming platform Smash with a new seamless interaction feature.

Operated by Showroom, Smash has exceeded 2.3 million downloads within two years of its launch, having rapidly expanded its user base while releasing original works by various boy groups, including top Japanese and K-POP artists.

Showroom is leveraging Tencent Cloud comprehensive audio and video services, such as Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), Cloud Streaming Services (CSS), Video on Demand (VOD) and Media Processing Service (MPS), to power-up smash.LIVE. These help influencers create an impactful bonding with the audience through a more intimate and interactive experience.

With the help of Tencent Cloud’s complete range of live broadcast products, Smash was able to launch the smash.LIVE broadcast service in just three months.

Tencent Cloud’s Live Event Broadcasting product features end-to-end optimisation, ensuring that streams can be launched even with more than 50 percent packet loss. In addition, it reduces playback delay by 70 percent and rendering freezes by more than 30 percent.

Adding to Tencent Cloud’s high-quality services is the simple and easy-to-use beauty live SDK, which along with other tools are used to ensure stable, smooth, high-definition video playback.

Tencent Cloud adopts the industry’s first Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) and X-Bright, a top speed transcoding solution which helps Smash save 40 percent of its live broadcast traffic cost, and seamlessly switches the live screen to different resolutions according to network connection quality, ensuring that viewers always have the best experience.

“Having a high-quality live broadcast technology not only provides people with an enriched digital life experience, but also helps companies expand their service channels and improve connection efficiency,” said Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International.