Brennan starts digital division to tap digital transformation market

Australia-owned system integrator Brennan has created a new digital division to tap the rapidly growing digital transformation market.

The newly-formed division will help Australian businesses undergoing digital transformations to meet changing needs in the post-COVID economy.

“The new Brennan Digital would help companies adapt to significant shifts in the way their customers and workforces want to access and use digital services, and harness the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive better business outcomes,” said Dave Stevens, Managing Director of Brennan.

Drawing on new capabilities from recent acquisitions MOQ Limited and Clade Solutions, Brennan Digital will focus on data analytics, AI, business transformation, and consulting, in recognition that many Australian companies now have a greater reliance on outsourced IT to deliver their digital strategies because of the IT skills shortage.

“Brennan Digital recognises that many companies are now having to change the way they do business through digital transformation in order to meet the needs of their customers and staff in the digital economy, better protect customer data and drive greater productivity,” said Stevens.

It will help business meet post-pandemic needs such as mobile or remote workplace solutions, customer mobile apps, tighter data security measures, new ways of reading and interpreting data, or entire IT architectural changes.