StarHub and Workato streamline onboarding automation for enterprises

Growing demand for workplace automation in Singapore led StarHub and Workato to partner on tapping Workato’s platform to create frictionless integration-led automation experiences for enterprises.

The partnership will help enterprises streamline onboarding processes by orchestrating device provisioning, management and security control systems. Enterprises can build and manage automation workflows using Workato’s low-code/no-code platform. They can simplify day-to-day operations by integrating different technology solutions and SaaS applications to prevent fragmentation. With automation, time needed to carry out mission-critical business process integrations is reduced while innovation is accelerated by eliminating manual work.

“Unified and secured network connectivity are essential in the integration of digital technology to outcome process, operational and collaboration transformation. What remains key is the ability to rethink traditional operating models, evaluate options for streamlined communications and cross-functional engagements to become more agile and resilient as an overall business towards an evolving environment and when growth opportunities present themselves,” said Chris Chan, Head of StarHub Enterprise Digital Services.

“Workato is a hyper-automation platform that is open, enterprise-grade and easy to use. Together with StarHub, we can empower both businesses and IT users to quickly automate processes that are secured, robust, reliable and high performance. This is the most effective and recommended recipe for success,” he added.

“Low-code automation platforms are in high demand by organisations looking to transform business processes and win outcomes. In the backdrop of an economic downturn and the breakneck speed at which the business landscape evolves, organisations are looking to simplify day-to-day operations to speed up innovation and adapt to new environments,” said Allan Teng, Founder and Managing Director of Workato, Asia Pacific and Japan.

StarHub and Workato have jointly onboarded CloudCover, a subsidiary of ST Telemedia Cloud. CloudCover is a cloud-native solutions company dedicated to enabling seamless collaboration between developers and IT teams. With Workato’s integration-led automation, it is streamlining its day-to-day operations and transforming key business processes to increase productivity and efficiencies across the organisation. The comprehensive automation and integration capabilities of the Workato platform will also ease the data migration efforts once CloudCover’s merger with ST Telemedia Cloud is finalised.

StarHub and Workato will also be collaborating on a hyper-automated mobile device management platform which will automate and streamline onboarding processes. Combining StarHub’s market presence and reach with Workato’s expertise in integration-led automation, this partnership will provide small, medium and large enterprises in Singapore greater access to easy-to-use and affordable hyper-automation platforms.

Photo: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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