Rimini Connect helps organisations with intergration and interoperability needs

Rimini Street has launched the Rimini Connect suite of integration and interoperability solutions that enables easy resolution of continuously changing integration and interoperability requirements.

Organisations face a growing landscape of complex, mission-critical applications that range in age, technologies, platforms, and are highly customised. Making matters more challenging, technology components such as hardware, operating systems, browsers, and back-office application data connections, change frequently.

When a change in a technology stack component causes an issue with an application, the software application vendor’s typical response is to either do nothing, provide a code update, require an upgrade to a new release, or require a complete migration to a different product to address these integration and interoperability challenges.

Besides the significant costs, labour, and time it could take to make such application changes, there is a significant risk that such changes could create interconnection issues to other applications and system issues that ultimately lead to operating disruptions for users. This situation is even more complex when organisations have customised applications in their landscape.

Rimini Street began developing visionary solutions in partnership with its clients to insulate applications from environmental changes using technology that acts as a “universal translator” between otherwise incompatible technologies and code.

Photo: Flex Point Security