Seagate picks Juniper to save cost, simplify operations

Seagate Technology has chosen Juniper to tackle its evolving business needs.

It is leveraging Juniper’s full stack AI-driven enterprise portfolio, which includes wifi, wired access switching and SD-WAN.

Driven by Mist AI and the cloud, the portfolio provides proactive automation and unique client-to-cloud insight, as well as optimised performance and cost savings in key areas of Seagate’s IT infrastructure.

Seagate has multiple sites in 18 countries that share a vast amount of data. To reduce network costs and optimise performance of key applications between these locations, it is moving from a traditional MPLS network to Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN solution.

Juniper’s tunnel-less SD-WAN architecture is ideal for high bandwidth activities such as data transfers. It also has differentiated Session Smart Routing, which optimises network performance for low latency applications such as Voice over IP, enabling Seagate to replace its previous telephony infrastructure.

The entire Juniper AI-driven enterprise portfolio is managed via a common Juniper Mist cloud and AI engine, which simplifies management and can lower operational costs via proactive automation, insight and assurance.

“While we are starting with SD-WAN, we are looking forward to getting the same simplified operations and cost savings across our wired and wireless access networks, as well,” said Vinod Pasi, VP and Global Head of Infrastructure at Seagate.

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