GitHub offers Octernships in Singapore and 9 other countries

GitHub has launched its Octernships programme to empower the next generation of developers through real-word experience with partner organisations.

The programme connects students with industry partners from around the world in paid professional experiences and mentorship on open source and software development projects.

GitHub Octernships is initially available to students in 10 countries — Colombia, India, Indoneisa, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. It will gradually expand to more regions.

To apply, students need to be verified on GitHub Global Campus, and be an active contributor on GitHub. Verified and eligible students can explore industry opportunities from the GitHub Partner network. Partner organisations will share a problem statement or an assignment which students need to build, then submit using GitHub Classroom.

Partner organisations review submitted projects, communicate via pull-requests, and schedule interviews. Selected students start working on industry projects with the partner organisations and join the premier GitHub Octernship community.

“Imagine working on real-world projects and getting paid for it while being a student. That’s only a part of what Octernships offer. Students also receive hands-on experience and the chance to work on different projects to help them hone a wide range of software development skills, including open source projects, documentation, design, and testing,” said Arkodyuti Saha, Education Community Manager of GitHub.

During the pilot programme, partners were amazed by the energy, enthusiasm and commitment shown by Octerns. Many organisations extended pre-placement offers to some of the students.

“The intern we selected from the previous year became an Appwrite employee and has consistently exceeded our expectations. The programme’s emphasis on real-world projects and evaluation of interns based on their efforts and quality of work allows us to confidently choose the best fit for our team. Overall, we highly recommend this programme to other tech companies looking to find top talent with interns,” said Eldad Fux, CEO of Appwrite.

Image: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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