HPE beefs up cloud-native network management solution

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has released the next generation the HPE Aruba Networking Central cloud-native network management solution to help enterprise IT teams simplify network management processes.

The solution will help enterprises tackle the lack of staff and required skill set issues related to managing networking products and capabilities from multiple vendors.

HPE Aruba Networking Central now simplifies operations and improves productivity by leveraging artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) to reduce manual tasks, freeing networking teams to focus on more strategic and higher-value projects.

Also introduce is the Agile NaaS framework which is designed to make on-demand networking easier for partners to sell and end-user customers to consume. New service pack capabilities added to HPE GreenLake for Networking enable partners to bundle their design and delivery services for their customers with a monthly NaaS technology subscription.

“A modernised network is the backbone for powering next-generation digital experiences and enabling new business models. The evolution of our AIOps in HPE Aruba Networking Central and Agile NaaS represents the next step toward more effectively managing operational complexity, while connecting with ever-expanding workloads from edge to cloud for a seamless hybrid work experience,” said Phil Mottram, Executive Vice President and General Manager of HPE Aruba Networking.

New Acquisitions

HPE recently announced two acquisitions — Athonet for Private 5G connectivity and Axis Security for comprehensive SASE security solutions. Closed in March, the Axis Security acquisition’s edge-to-cloud security solutions are now integrated with HPE Aruba Networking’s technology and will be on display at the innovation zone at Atmosphere.

The Athonet transaction is expected to close in Q4 of HPE’s 2023 fiscal year, following which HPE will integrate the solutions with the HPE Aruba Networking portfolio and existing telco software.

Photo: Field Engineer