Gigabyte to unveil GPU-accelerated and HPC servers at Computex

Riding on the hot generative AI trend, Gigabyte will be unveiling its lineup of GPU-accelerated servers and HPC servers at Computex in Taiwan next fortnight.

These systems will accelerate exascale data analysis, deep learning, machine learning, inferencing, large language models, and generative AI training tasks.

The latest lineup will be powered by the latest CPU platform, GPU accelerator cards, and AI deep learning and inference technologies from leading tech partners.

Amid concerns about surging electricity consumption and carbon emissions from data centres, Gigabyte will be showcasing three models of immersion cooling tanks and corresponding server series at the Taipei event.

Its immersion cooling solutions have been adopted by global semiconductor giants, telecommunication services, and European top research centres. Gigabyte’s self-developed total solutions include the immersion cooling tanks, server configuration designs, and automatic monitoring and adjustment mechanisms, allowing enterprises and institutions to embrace sustainability and achieve innovation breakthroughs.

Photo: Pixabay

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