Trend Micro establishes 5G cybersecurity subsidiary

The increasing popularity of private 5G network adoption globally has prompted Trend Micro to form CTOne, a new subsidiary focused on advancing 5G network security and beyond.

Organisations need to integrate resources to combat emerging threats in the private 5G networks more effectively. By pre-deploying a security net, CTOne strengthens the digital resilience of vertical application fields and provides security for landing applications in private 5G network environments and achieving comprehensive protection from network to endpoint.

“The rapid adoption of 5G has been pivotal to Singapore’s Smart Nation vision and we’ve seen many industries already investing in the technology. As with any digital advancement, we must remain wary of the vulnerabilities within the 5G network – from spoofing-related threats to data breaches. Trend Micro’s latest subsidiary, CTOne was developed to provide organisations with tools that will help them safeguard the distributed 5G infrastructure,” said David Ng, Country Manager, Singapore of Trend Micro.

“Safety today doesn’t guarantee safety tomorrow. While the communications technology market is booming, business operations are facing exposure to more complex risks. CTOne enables enterprises to secure private 5G networks against potential cyberattacks and build a high-quality industrial application ecosystem. In the future, we will collaborate with partners to maximise the advantages of private 5G with comprehensive security solutions,” said Jason Huang, CEO of CTOne.

In addition to private 5G network end-to-end security solutions, CTOne is also developing O-RAN and edge computing security solutions to assist enterprises in mitigating cyber risk when deploying related technologies.

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