China Telecom Shenzhen achieves wide coverage with 5G RRUs

Commercial 5G Book RRU deployed on poles. (Source: Huawei)Providing consistent 5G coverage in residential areas, urban villages, upscale communities, and backstreet alleys can be a challenge. China Telecom Shenzhen has overcome this by deploying  in hundreds of Huawei 5G C-Band Book remote radio units (RRUs) on macro and pole base stations in China.

Book RRU is small, lightweight and easy to deploy on walls, lamp poles, monitoring poles, and electricity poles.

This is an effective approach of addressing challenges associated with insufficient site resources. It significantly improves 5G in-depth coverage and user experience in residential areas while increasing network capacity and eliminating coverage holes.

Since the first 5G Book RRUs were deployed in December 2019, downlink speed have exceeded 1.2Gbps on commercial mobile devices on the 100MHz spectrum.

Coverage holes up to 200 metres from streets are eliminated while indoor coverage of low-rise buildings up to 100 metres above the ground is achieved. This makes the solution suitable for high capacity hotspots in Shenzhen, such as school campuses, office buildings, business districts, and scenic parks.