Scienjoy applies 5G technologies to live streaming

Scienjoy is leveraging 5G technologies to create a fully immersive user experience and drive the development of entertainment that combines online, offline, and virtual reality.

The China live streaming platform is pioneering the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) across its portfolio, which includes Showself, Lehai TV, Haixiu TV, BeeLive International, and BeeLive Chinese.

Instead of unidirectional viewing experience, this will drive a new form of social media where users are looking for chat and social connections with hosts and other fans.

Scienjoy focuses on showroom live streaming, a subset of the industry where talented hosts perform for their digital fan audience. With AI at the core, the new platform’s features include games embedded in the live stream, user-host interactions and content classification. AI-backed recognition software analyses host behaviour in real time and use that information to develop engaging products and features.

AR technology is applied to user-centric features such as virtual effects, beauty filters, and face stickers to enrich the experience and possibilities of interactions

“The combination of 5G and AI/AR technology enables the full integration of the virtual and reality to transform live stream into a “second life world”. In the second life world of virtual reality, the content is more diversified, the experience is stronger, and the participation is deeper, which will revolutionize the interaction modes. The 5G era brings a lot of creative possibilities to people’s lives, and so does the live streaming industry,” said He Xiaowu, CEO of Scienjoy