Micron to deploy Singtel 5G solution

Micron Technology will be deploying 5G millimetre wave (mmWave) solutions with localised edge core at its 3D NAND flash memory fabrication plant in Singapore.

It will be the first company in Singapore to pilot the Singtel 5G solution with edge core on-premises for industry 4.0 manufacturing applications.

The customised solutions will be deployed at Micron’s cleanroom to support the development of a variety of digitally enabled and enhanced applications – from automated visual inspections of individual chips to augmented reality (AR) for operations and maintenance.

This rollout follows successful trials using Singtel’s Genie portable 5G-in-a-box platform, which helped validate the mmWave solution, verify its performance and demonstrate the operational benefits.

“This industry-first deployment proves that 5G networks can be used for high-precision quality control and manufacturing operations which previously was not possible with the limitations of Wi-Fi. Additionally, the implementation is a significant milestone in Singtel’s journey to accelerate enterprise 5G adoption and will serve as a case study to inspire other 5G-enabled manufacturing sites around the world,” said Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Singtel’s Group Enterprise.

Singtel’s 5G mmWave network supports massive bandwidth of up to 2Gbps with ultra-low latency. It enables a suite of applications from high resolution and immersive AR/VR glasses to the confidence needed to conduct image-based quality control processing which demands high uplink bandwidth.

With 5G on-prem edge core, Micron can leverage Internet of Things devices that require less computing power for cleanroom operations. Apart from being more user-friendly, these devices can also last longer before requiring another charge, creating an overall improved experience for operators.

Singtel’s Paragon all-in-one platform for 5G networks, edge computing and services orchestration will be used to analyse the performance of the device and networks, providing the capability of real time performance monitoring and feedback.

“The company is committed to leading in quality and staying at the cutting edge of utilising smart solutions and AI in its facilities. Together with Singtel, we aim to bring the performance to the next level leveraging 5G technology. This will propel us forward as a trailblazer in operational excellence and scaled implementation of Industry 4.0 technology,” said Koen De Backer, Vice President of Smart Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence of Global Operations at Micron.

Photo: Micron

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