PP Telecommunication picks Juniper for new core network

PP Telecommunication (PPTEL) has chosen Juniper Networks to provide solutions for its new core network.

The new network will help meet the demand for critical high-speed internet connectivity for consumers and businesses access to richer digital experiences and services.

Sarawak is preparing for major changes to its digital infrastructure to fast track the state’s digital economy. PPTEL is building the infrastructure and the first Tier IV data centre to help support these plans. The new core network will also help PPTEL in expanding its services to Southeast Asia.

With the Juniper-powered network, the telco can provide high-quality, low-latency connectivity to consumers and businesses in Sarawak and Southeast Asia. Juniper’s MX Series Universal Routing Platforms and QFX Series Switches will provide the needed system capacity, density, security, and performance.

The Juniper solutions will position PPTEL to scale to 5G in the future. This will let the East Malaysian state harness the benefits of 5G connectivity, such as high-volume streaming and new digital experiences to unlock business opportunities.

“As Sarawak and the rest of Malaysia prepare for 5G, it is critical that our infrastructure is innovative and ahead of the curve to deliver the network experiences we desire,” Jonathan Smith, CEO of PPTEL.

“PPTEL has always played an important role in the advancement of networking in Malaysia. Through Juniper’s experience-first networking approach, we are committed to helping PPTEL ensure that enterprises and consumers in Sarawak and beyond become better connected and are ready to take on digitalisation,” said Perry Sui, Senior Director of Asean & Taiwan at Juniper Networks.

Photo: Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash