Adobe Analytics integrates with hybris Commerce Suite

hybrisAdobe Analytics, a key component of Adobe Marketing Cloud, has been integrated with hybris Commerce Suite to enhance digital marketing including measurement, segmentation, targeting and optimisation.

The integration module, developed jointly by Adobe and hybris, gives organisations a unique combination of real-time analytics across online (including Web, mobile, social and video) and offline marketing channels.

The solution enables a multi-dimensional view of customers that makes it possible for organisations to fine tune and better personalise every interaction. The integration module will be available in the hybris Extend marketplace.

Predictive analytics and data modelling enables businesses to deliver the right message to the right customer, through the right channel, at the right time. This integration leverages high-performance, real-time analytics to attribute sales, leads or other business growth indicators to specific marketing efforts. Businesses can determine the most appropriate marketing programs to drive business growth objectives and optimize decision-making for marketing resource allocation across channels.

“Through our integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud, businesses are able to map the entire customer journey for the first time, identifying the most influential moments across all touch points,” explained Patrick Finn, Vice President of Channels, Americas, hybris. “Leveraging the strengths of our respective technologies, we are able to connect online and offline marketing analysis to give businesses truly data-driven decision making capabilities.”

“Today’s consumers leverage a variety of sources to access information about products and services and often switch channels within a single transaction, leaving fragmented waves of digital data in their wake,” said Bill Ingram, Vice President of Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics,  Adobe Systems. “Integrating our analytics solution with hybris’ omni-channel commerce platform enhances our ability to bring all that data together to gain a complete picture of how consumers are interacting with our customers’ brands.”

hybris technology already integrates with Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to provide marketers and retailers capabilities for managing and optimizing the entire buying process across online channels. This new integration with Adobe Analytics helps businesses:

  • Rapidly analyse large volumes of evolving ‘big data’ from multiple channels and data sources in real-time.
  • Identify the most profitable paths through digital assets, determining where visitors are navigating away and the critical success metrics for online campaigns.
  • Track and measure owned social media to understand the impact and effectiveness of social campaigns.
  • Accurately identify mobile visitors and their device capabilities to deliver personalised experiences.
  • Achieve a comprehensive multi-dimensional view of digital visitors to undertake concise segmentation and deliver highly personalized interactions.
  • Use predictive models to enhance brand engagement and increase conversion outcomes.

Cycle Gear uses the hybris omni-channel platform in combination with Adobe Analytics to efficiently generate more intelligent and accurate insights in order to continuously improve the performance of its online and offline marketing programmes. As a result, it has a better understanding of the buying patterns and behaviours of its customers, and now possesses the know-how to cater to them one-to-one, making the experience more personalised, meaningful and profitable.

“It is no longer enough for marketers to simply surmise what the business impact of their marketing efforts is,” concluded Paul do Forno, Senior Vice President Global Lead of Commerce, Razorfish, one of hybris’ Gold partners and Gold sponsor of the Adobe EMEA Summit in London, April 24-25 . “The only way to effectively optimise your marketing efforts is to analyze and report on those efforts in order to make the right data-driven decisions. The integration of Adobe Analytics with hybris is an enormously powerful solution for marketing organisations to ensure that campaigns are driving revenue and optimising ad spend across channels.”



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