GSMA launches e-commerce platform for telecoms industry

GSMAGSMA has launched GSMA Marketplace, an e-commerce platform dedicated to the mobile industry.

GSMA Marketplace leverages the associations’s reputation as a trusted intermediary in the telecoms industry to bring together buyers and sellers to do business more easily with each other.

“Whether you are a buyer looking for greater innovation or better prices in your procurement of products or services, or a seller seeking to win new business and enter new markets, GSMA Marketplace will let you browse, contact and connect with companies who can help you achieve your objectives,” said John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA.

“Our members asked us to set up GSMA Marketplace and as an industry association we are in a unique position to attract buyers and sellers in telecoms from all over the world. We are focused on establishing it as the premier online destination to do business in the future,” he added.

Currently, buyers can spend significant time identifying, contacting and evaluating potential suppliers, while sellers also bear high costs in showcasing their products and services and securing new business.

GSMA Marketplace allows sellers to establish their own personalised online storefronts and promote their products and services to a global community of active qualified telecoms buyers. Sellers will also be able to upload their product and service catalogues and respond to instant Request for Proposals (RFPs) and other more complex queries, enabling them to expand their market reach and increase visibility. GSMA Marketplace also includes a research tool called “Research Centre” that enables buyers and sellers to analyse markets as well as potential partners and competitors.

GSMA has also invited its members to join the GSMA Marketplace as buyers. Buyers will be able to research, discover and connect with new suppliers, saving time and money and bring innovation to their company and customers. GSMA Marketplace will be free of charge to buyers, while sellers will be charged an annual subscription of US$1,500.

The e-commerce portal will be rolled out in phases. The first phase will enable buyers to search, discover and make contact with sellers. Future phases of the GSMA Marketplace will be driven by buyer and seller feedback but could include formal accreditation of sellers as well as the ability to carry out transactions within the site.

GSMA Marketplace is now open for firms to register with over 1,300 buyers and sellers from telecoms organisations already signed up to date.To register for the GSMA Marketplace, go to


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