Smartphone makers in a rush?

Google Pixel 2 XLIn 2016, Samsung had battery overheating issues with its Note 7. Recently, Apple is constantly pushing out iOS 11 fixes to improve battery life for the iPhone 8. And now, Google is working on a solution to address the screen burn-in issues of the Pixel 2.

What’s happening? Are smartphone makers in such a rush to launch new phones that they are cutting short quality tests? Admittedly, this is the probably the hottest segment of the consumer technology market and every player is trying its best to outdo each other.

According to IDC, the worldwide smartphone market will reach a total of 1.53 billion units shipped in 2017, up 4.2 percent from the 1.47 billion units shipped in 2016. That’s a lot of phones and perhaps the reason why makers are hurrying to snare a share.

The sad thing is that the rush to launch a new generation every year has proven to be detrimental. The desire to defend or capture market share is a big price to pay for introducing products that are not quite there yet. Worse yet are the damaged reputation and the loss of customer confidence.

Perhaps, smartphone makers should consider only releasing products that are market ready and running smoothly at launch — even if it means stretching the launch cycle a little. Consumers can wait if the products are worth waiting.