Malaysian teams top first Infineon-LG Hackathon

Front row from second left, Helen Choi (LG Electronics), first prize winner Marsha A Chin (GoReMas Enterprise), CS Chua (Infineon) and second from right, second prize winner Daniel Vong (Wangi Lai PLT)

Malaysia scored big at the first Infineon LG </> Make Hackathon on breakthrough Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in Singapore on June 17.

Malaysian teams clinched the top two prizes at this first ever collaboration between Infineon and LG. They topped the contest, which attracted more than 40 submissions from around the Asia-Pacific region.

The teams were tasked with developing IoT technologies running on the LG webOS open source platform and Infineon microelectronics capabilities.

Hailing from more than five countries, the 14 shortlisted startups and student entrepreneurs presented their technologies and problem statements as part of the judging process. GoReMas Enterprise’s Floodsensed and Wangi Lai PLT’s BAWA Tech’s BAWA cane, both from Malaysia, came in first and second place respectively.

Floodsensed is an IoT flood monitoring system that has flood sensing devices that sends out flood alerts on social media. The team highlighted the fact that with the increase in numbers of flooding, including within carparks, this technology aims to warn others when there is flooding. Apart from the alerts system, Floodsensed also offers data analytics and visualisation services

BAWA cane aims to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired, by empowering them with cane’s that have sensors embedded in them. The cane detects obstacles that are above-knee, such as sign-boards and branches, beeping 1.2 metres before the individual approaches them. Such warnings can allow the user to make a change of course ahead of time. To ensure that other users will be aware when approaching this obstacle in the future, the obstacle is then geo-tagged to pre-warn them.

From healthcare and wellness solutions, to environmental, mobility and homeland security technologies, it was indeed a pleasant sight to see the potential of the many companies. Such an event can spur the community on to continually innovate and invent, to improve the lives of others in the near future.