India server market dips in Q2

The server market in India dropped one percent year on year, driven primarily by a dip in x86 server sales.According to IDC, Q2 revenue was US$350.2 million, compared to US$353.9 million in the corresponding quarter last year.

The x86 server market, which accounts for 89.9 percent of the overall revenue, slid 4.9 percent to US$314.8 million.

Non-x86 servers performed better, growing 54.2 percent to reach US$35.5 million. IBM tops the market with 75.9 percent share, followed by Oracle with 20.2 percent and Hewlett Packard Enterprise with 3.9 percent.

Overall, Hewlett Packard Enterprise regained its pole position followed by Dell, Cisco and Lenovo.

“Indian enterprises are transitioning from on-premise servers and virtual servers to cloud workloads. We have noticed spend on compute platforms shifting from traditional IT towards private cloud and public cloud,” said Harshal Udatewar, Market Analyst of Server at IDC India.