Zendesk launches Gather and Sunshine Conversations

Zendesk has launched Gather, which lets companies provide trusted and transparent support to customers through online community forums.  They can engage with each other and company experts to offer guidance and insight beyond what a single customer support agent might be able to handle.Such peer-to-peer support builds trust and confidence to customers looking for help. Gather ensures that the most relevant information is surfaced to these customers by proactively involving them in the creation, ranking, and maintenance of knowledge. As content is created from the customers’ perspective, it incorporates a wide variety of information experienced across unique scenarios and issues.

“Building a community of customer ambassadors is considered the holy grail for many brands, and designing a platform where communities like this can contribute and engage with other customers is a powerful tool in building brand advocacy as well as growing your ability to deliver seamless support faster,” said Abhishek Deshmukh, Managing Director of Singapore and Vice President of Engineering at Zendesk.

Integrated messaging platform
Besides Gather, Zendesk has also announced Sunshine Conversations, an API-based platform that allows businesses to integrate messaging via popular social channels and directly interact and transact with customers.

Developers can build messaging into their own apps and services to ensure that customers can engage with companies over websites, social channels and private in-app messaging.

Companies can unify conversations across digital channels to ensure that key business functions such as sales, service, and marketing have the context needed to align on and conduct follow-up.

“Messaging is evolving from a simple communication channel into a new interface for businesses to connect, engage, and transact with customers,” said Warren Levitan, Vice President of Conversational Business at Zendesk.