GTC Digital gives participants more bang for the buck

What could have been a dampener may just turn out to be a better offering for participants who have registered for this year’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC). Yes, they won’t get to go to San Jose. Yes, they will miss the face-to-face meetings. But, NVIDIA has put great thoughts into making GTC Digital, the online version, just as engaging and informative. Plus, NVIDIA has refunded all participants so they can attend most of the conference for free.

According to an NVIDIA blogpost, a small army of researchers, partners, customers, and NVIDIA employees has worked remotely to produce GTC Digital, which kicks off today.

To give participants more bang for the buck (they actually pay nothing as all fees have been refunded), the conference will last till April 10. With the conference so spread out, they can attend more podcasts, talks, tech demos, training sessions, webinars, and workshops than the usual five-day onsite conference.

“The goal with GTC Digital is to bring some of the best aspects of this event to a global audience, and make it accessible for months,” wrote Greg Estes, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Developer Programs at NVIDIA.

Instructor-led, hands-on workshops and training sessions will require a nominal fee but the rest of the conference is free to anyone. Some activities will be conducted in real time while others will be available on demand.

“Most GTC Digital content is for a technical audience of data scientists, researchers and developers. But we also offer high-level talks and podcasts on various topics, including women in data science, AI for business and responsible AI,” said Estes.